HDS Equipment Rentals
Quality Leica HDS Laser Scanners and Software

Short and long term rentals of Leica HDS laser scanners and support equipment are available to qualified customers. We offer competive rental rates and packages to fit your needs. Thirty percent of your accumulated rental fees can also always be applied towards the purchase of a new Leica Laser scanner. Special rates are also available for client demos in-house training and pilot projects. Contact us today and we will help you get that contract!


Rental Rates

Standard rental rates are based on availabilty, lead time, rental period, and equipment type. Generally rates will range from $900 to $1500 per day plus shipping. Shipping and standown allowances are also available. Domesting shipping charges are usually around $350 each way.


Qualified rental customers must provide proof of loss insurance for the full replacement value of the equipment with a liability limit of two million dollars. Offshore and foreign rentals may have additional requirements.

Special Training and Demo Packages

Need to complete a pilot project or demo for a client? Tell us about your needs and we'll work with you to get the right tool in your hands. Training and demo rates make it easy to put HDS technology to work in your business.


Include one day of on-site or on the job training and we'll hand deliver the scanner for free with no rental charge the first day.

Call us today and get pre-qualified! 713-574-6690

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30 percent of your rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of a new Leica HDS Laser Scanner.