Links to LiDAR Point Cloud Software

Not sure where to start? Try Pointools View Pro and the HMNS Corpse Flower POD File.

Leica Cyclone

Leica Cyclone 7.0 | Cloudworx for AutoCAD | Cloudworx VR



Pointools View Pro | Pointools Model for Rhino | Pointools Model for AutoCAD


Alice Labs

Studio Clouds for Autodesk Maya and 3DS MAX


3D Reshaper

3D Reshaper 6.0


If you would like to have your software or demo available here please contact us.



Sample LiDAR Scan Data Sets

AIA 2010 Lasercastles

Award Mesh Pointools POD Text PTS
Golden Bucket Download 12m zip Download 121m zip Download 204m zip
Silver Shovel Download 12m zip Download 153m zip Download 160m zip
Bronze Shovel Download 13m zip Download 38m zip Download 65m zip
Honorable Mention 1   Download 67m zip Download 114m zip
Honorable Mention 2   Download 29m zip Download 51m zip
Honorable Mention 3   Download 32m zip Download 55m zip
College Division   Download 20m zip Download 35m zip
Public Favorite Download 15m zip Download 104m zip Download 135m zip



Houston Museum of Natural Science "Corpse Flower"

As - Of Mesh Pointools POD Text PTS
July 23, 2010 Coming Soon! Download 9m zip Download 10m zip