Smart MultiMedia, Inc

         Leaders in Digital Learning®

Smart MultiMedia, Inc. is located in Houston, Texas and specializes in high definition 3D digital scanning, the creation and deployment of digital learning tools, production of high definition digital video and consulting on digital and remote learning methods.


Our core team of educators, graphic artists, 3D modelers/compositors, editors and writers offer clients economical solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs. Whether a refinery, museum, or children's hospital, we are at home when lending expertise to your project. We regularly work with and around multi-million dollar installations and priceless artifacts. Our team is professional, prompt, and friendly.


SMM is committed to determining what is the RIGHT CONTENT, the RIGHT DELIVERY to achieve the RIGHT RESULTS.


Smart GeoMetrics is a division of Smart Multimedia, Inc



Smart MultiMedia Standards

Smart MultiMedia, Inc.


• is committed to cultivating the best team of business, technical, educational and creative professionals.


• is committed to helping customers find creative solutions to their needs and charge them fairly.


• is committed to honesty, integrity, fairness, trust and enjoying what we do.


• is committed to constantly evaluating our company and making the changes needed to ensure that it is using the most current technology effectively, that it is meeting the needs of its customers and that it is generating a profit for its owners, investors and employees.





Our Team

Key Personnel

Richard L. Lasater, President


Douglas Smith, Vice President, Public Programs


Jeremy Simon, CAD and Modeling Manager


Barbara Misto, Manager, Visual Communications


Sharon Gouuld, Controller


Arturo Blackmore, Lead Graphic Designer



Smart MultiMedia also employs other talented technicians and staff, as well as contract specialists as required.