Digital Learning Tools

Immersive and Interactive Learning Environments

In the current digital age, many of the training/educational materials produced are ineffective because they rely on status quo delivery methods such as power point, video tape and simple online presentations. Smart MultiMedia works with clients to step beyond the status quo, creating interactive training and educational materials that will impact the defined audience more effectively than traditional methods.


Why interactive materials are so effective

Interactive materials are effective because they use leading edge technology to communicate complex subject matter. Interactive materials allow for:


  • Immersion – the user can become deeply engaged with the subject matter unlike status quo methods
  • Contact – 3D modeling allows the user to interact with the subject matter
  • Feedback – interactive materials provide real–time feedback to the user by having an action requested to be done and then confirmation provided that it is done correctly
  • Built–in learning checks – "learning checks" provide feedback to the user to gauge understanding of the information being presented
  • Tracking – interactive materials allow for the tracking of user-progress on multiple levels, from the individual to the Smart MultiMedia client


Emerging workforce

The average college student can simultaneously surf the web, listen to an MP3, text friends and study for a test. They are used to fast–paced interactive information delivery. This is how they learn.


As an employer if you try to use training/educational materials that are status quo you may decrease efficiency of your new employee. Or worse yet, have a detrimental effect than if training or teaching had not been implemented; an example of this could be the new employee who is not paying attention to a safety video and as a result injures himself and/or others.


Bottom line

Using Smart MultiMedia to create interactive materials can improve a company’s bottom line.


First, the price of production of interactive materials continues to drop. Using this type of training/education materials achieves learning and retention of knowledge. Greater knowledge equates to greater savings and efficiency on the part of employees.


Secondly, interactive materials, once created, are easy to reuse and update in a cost-effective manner. Once we have built the foundation, additional floors of interactive materials are relatively easy to construct.


Why Smart MultiMedia?

Smart MultiMedia is a turnkey operation with an in–house production facility and an education division that can create interactive materials that will have a positive impact on your business. Our staff is creative, focused, and thrives on challenging and cutting edge projects. We make it a point to work with clients to ensure the final deliverable fits into their budget.