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Teleconferencing technology has been around for years. In the past, the equipment was expensive, the connection quality poor, the cost of bandwidth prohibitive and the equipment was complicated to operate. Not many people used it. It was reserved for only the largest corporations and institutions.


Teleconferencing is one of the hottest business technologies around today. The basic equipment is less expensive, connection speeds are faster, bandwidth is less expensive and anyone with access to the Internet can connect. By utilizing teleconferencing, clients can reduce travel costs, boost employee productivity and increase timeliness.


Knowing how to use the technology effectively is as important as knowing which technology is right for your application. As a Polycom Certified Reseller, Smart MultiMedia helps special interest and educational venues connect with each other everyday.


Experience customers can use


Smart MultiMedia specializes in consulting on teleconferencing and distance learning. Working with the Children’s Cancer Hospital at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Smart MultiMedia has organized and implemented numerous teleconferencing sessions with patients. Smart MultiMedia also participated in the conference, Educating Children with Cancer, in which over 100 educators learned about how to effectively use teleconferencing. Our custom designed mobile carts help public venues like the Houston Downtown Aquarium connect and deliver effective telelearning programs anywhere.


Curriculum and Program Design Consulting


Not only does Smart MultiMedia help you to select the right teleconferencing equipment to suit your needs – We can help you create the programming programming for telelearning. We can also help put you together with other providers or consumers of this exciting way of communicating information, ideas and concepts.